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 CLIMATE GROUND ZERO  WEST VIRGINIA 2010  Climate Ground Zero is the name of one, among many organizations fighting Mountaintop (MTR) removal in Appalachia. MTR is a coal mining practice where the top of mountains are blown-up in order to uncover coal seems. The earth from the mountaintop is then dumped in nearby valleys, creating a flat area called a valley fill. Dynamite blasts needed to splinter rock strata are so strong that they often crack the foundations and walls of houses. This type of mining dries up an average of 100 wells a year and contaminates water. The quality and availability of drinking water have since been key concerns for local minefield communities. Thousands of square kilometers in the Appalachia are now lost and destroyed due to MTR.  As one drives through the roads of Appalachia the propaganda is always there, written on every corner, on people houses and cars : Coal Keeps The Lights On, as if everyone who questions the authority is tree-hugger traitor. Due to health issues and poor safety standards on the job, Appalachia is a region of spread suffering, that's why it became also the painkillers national capital, where deaths by overdose often overtake deaths by car crash. And while men slowly choke underground and women age in the K-marts, religious groups are often the only ones left listening
 Tonga - BELOW SEA LEVEL  Kingdom of Tonga (2010)  The South Pacific Sea Level and Climate Monitoring Project publishes monthly figures from 12 monitoring stations. In the last 15 years, the latest figures show that the sea level around the Pacific islands of Tonga appears to have risen by about 10 cm in the past 13 years (2010).
 Giugliano (Naples), March 2008 - Masseria del re - Storage depot for the ecological bales