Faith Healing  Psychotic patient receiving a cupping session. Jakarta 2015   In Indonesia the health care systems is fragmented, the state provides minimum care for the poorest but good treatments are private and still out of budgets for most families. Although initiatives to extend health care to larger groups of citizens are in place, an increasing number of muslim rather go for Islamic medici- ne. Faith Healing clinics who provide the medicine of the Prophet are quickly becoming a real player in the healing market.The Indonesian Bekam association (ABI) registers and monitors faith healing businesses in Indonesia. ABI certified that the active licenses to faith healing clinics were 1700 in 2012 and grew to 3570 by 2015. However, such registration is not required to do business. ABI also reported that in the same period about 30 new herbal products factories have opened in greater Jakarta. Muslims have inherited medicine right from their own book. Islamic healing, or medicine is indeed indi- cated vaguely in the Koran and there most indications are self-healing methods based on common sense. However, just like else where, medicine is huge business in Indonesia, therefore is easy to observe people exploiting ignorance to make a profit. The offer of any faith healing clinic may range from distributing herbal products, cupping, a blood suction with pressurized cups, exorcisms, acupuncture, water therapies, hypnotherapy, advising or providing the use of boarding houses and mental asylums. Prices vary from zero to hundreds of dollars depending who and where service takes place. In the Indonesian islamic view, the cause to most conditions that may afflict a person may be the same. Both in pre-Islamic mythology and in the Koran is mentioned a demonic creature called Jinn, said to be born at the edge of fire. A Jinn can simply travel across land and within things and body and be any the cause for any affliction. “It’s possibly a Jinn” anytime there is no immediate understanding what is going wrong. To some psychia- trists exorcising a jinn offers a chance to “atonement” and a way to let repressed energy burst out a little like confession, in the Christian religion. Anyone may request a cleric to perform a Ruqyah, a chanted prayer to test for ghost presence and use the same prayer to rid of it in case a jinn is believed to be there. From a more secular perspective a Ruqyah can help a person to let energy burst out. But believing to have a ghost in one’s body or in the family, “is per- fectly normal in Indonesia”. It can happen for a moment or it can be the root of deeper a problem, either behavioral or physical. However easy it may seem to lump Islamic Healing with radical Islam, the bulk of faith healing consumers are moderate Muslims who can’t afford or simply trust more Islamic doctors.