Jakarta - In Indonesia the health care system is fragmented; the state provides minimum care for the poorest but good treatments are private and still out of budgets for most families. Although initiatives to extend health care to larger groups of citizens are in place, an increasing number of Muslim people prefer Islamic medicine.
Faith Healing clinics that provide the Medicine of the Prophet are quickly becoming an important player in the healing business. The Indonesian Bekam association (ABI) registers and monitors faith healing businesses in Indonesia. ABI certified that the active licenses to faith healing clinics grew from 1700 in 2012 to 3570 by 2015. However, numbers are likely to be much higher as ABI registrations are not a strict requirement. ABI also reported that in the same period about 30 new herbal products factories opened in the greater Jakarta area.
The Koran discusses the role of medicine in peoples lives, highlighting the importance of common sense approach to healing and current medicinal Islamic practices reflect it. With 250 million potential customers - the Muslim population across the South East Asia - faith healing clinics have found an incredible business opportunity. They have responded by distributing herbal products, cupping, blood-suction with pressurized cups, exorcisms, acupuncture, water therapies, hypnotherapy, advising or providing the use of boarding houses and mental asylums. Prices may vary significantly for such services and it is common for lower income patients to receive them for free.
Most Indonesian Islamic medicine approaches may find a common cause for a wide variety of afflictions. A demonic creature known as Jinn, present in both pre-Islamic mythology and the Koran, is described as being born from fire.
Individual people as much as large corporations may ask a cleric to perform a chanted prayer to test and eventually get rid of ghosts, a practice known as a Ruqyah. This practice is common across all classes and degree of religious observance and its often linked to a well rounded perception of spiritual and physical well being.
However easy it may seem to lump Islamic Healing with radical Islam, the bulk of faith healing consumers are moderate Muslim people who can’t afford mainstream medicine or simply trust more Islamic doctors.



Sharia Laws

Banda Aceh, Indonesia - Muslims and non-Muslims alike are now subject to strict Islamic law in the conservative province of Aceh.It is the only one of Indonesia's 34 provinces to impose Islamic law in the most populous Muslim-majority nation in the world, with a population of about 250 million people.
Aceh province implemented Islamic law in 2001, but in September the religious "penal code" was extended to everyone, now applying to some 90,000 non-Muslims who live there. Offences not previously regulated such as adultery, homosexual acts, and sex outside marriage are now punishable with sentences handed down by Islamic courts, including public flogging. Buying or carrying alcoholic beverages could result in 10 strokes of the cane, 10 months in prison, or a maximum fine of 100 grams in gold.

Magic Thought

Sumbawa and Lombok, Indonesia - Often it is said that Indonesia is the most populous Islamic country in the world. Throughout the archipelago and its myriad of islands, which could stretches over an area as big as the Atlantic Sea, Islam is the dominant religion among pretty much any other religion or cult on the planet. Cosmic beliefs, superstition that remained very strong inland since the time Islam arrived, in the eight century.  Still nowadays magic, black magic and the ideas that many influences on earth can dominate our fate - along with Allah, -it's very well present in popular culture. Although not admitted openly.Stricter visions Islam reject these old superstitions in even though they are endorsed by the most. Dead people, Islamic saints, ghosts possessing people and haunting houses or trees and land can be any day's business. Especially in rural areas, where Islam is more syncretic.
They say that "ghosts used to live in trees, but now the trees are gone, so the ghosts migrated in houses. In rural areas local shamans known as Sanro deal with healing knowledge. Sanro can stir anyone's fortunes around work, love or money.